Lazy Iced Mocha

I like coffee. A lot. I normally brew a partial pot in the morning, but don’t always get to it all because I’m usually playing UNO, changing diapers, and doing all sorts of wild things that a three-year-old and his 10-month-old sister come up with. Since that coffee just sits in the pot cold (my pot shuts off after two hours), I decided to make use of it. Some of you might think, “Eeewww!” If you are one of those people, this is not for you. 🙂  However, if you have cold coffee just hanging out in your kitchen that you’d like to use up, give this a shot. (If it’s evening,  you could literally give it a shot of Rumchata….)

Here are the steps to creating lazy iced coffee (Pretty simple…It is lazy after all):

  • Fill your glass with ice.
  • Fill glass approximately 2/3 full with coffee


  •  Add chocolate milk until it’s almost full (If you can get access to Bessie’s Best chocolate milk, it is to die for!)
  • Finally, add cream and stir. The cream is a necessity. If you’d rather use non-dairy creamer, that’s fine. Real cream makes it so nice and rich though. Yum!



If you would rather have a more authentic iced coffee, try Ree Drummond’s recipe. It’s a bit more time consuming, but worth it!