1. It is so good! I know it is Carter’s favorite meal. He told me he likes the creamed chicken with “Smashed” potatoes! I love his vocabulary!

  2. Pamela Carrier

    I am going to make this as a welcome back home supper to our son. He’s been gone a long time. What kind of pan did you use? Is it a cast iron pan? Thank you.

    • NorthDakotaMom

      I have used a cast iron pan to make it, but I usually use my electric fry pan. Both work fine! 🙂 I just like the electric skillet because I have a lid for it to help cut down on splattering oil. I have yet to find a lid that works for my large cast iron.

  3. Sandi Middleton

    I love these old recipes. I have all my grandmother’s and my mother’s. I use some of them all the time. Thanks for this one. I will make this for my family and share with friends! Thanks for sharing! Born and raised on the ND and SD line at Pollock, SD. Live in NC now with my Son and Family.

    • NorthDakotaMom

      Thanks for stopping by! I bet you enjoy the NC winters way more than the ND ones! 😉

  4. Jodell

    I think I will do this but try 1/2 & 1/2as I can’t use a half gallon og heavy cream

    • NorthDakotaMom

      Are you making a very large batch? The recipe calls for 2 cups, which is just a pint container of cream. Hope that helps!

  5. LuAnn

    This sounds delicious and something I am going to make. I used to make homemade chicken gravy when I fried chicken but have not done that in years. Thank you for the recipe! I have family in ND …my dad was born and raised in Flaxton. I know this recipe is a good one if it came from ND!

  6. Carol Deutscher

    Sounds delicious. .. but no flour is used with the drippings before the cream? It will thicken with cream only? Excited to try

    • NorthDakotaMom

      That’s right! I have never used flour in the gravy, and it is delicious and just right every time. 🙂

    • NorthDakotaMom

      I am glad you liked it! Whenever I try to reheat it in the microwave, the gravy always separates if I heat it for too long. If you have time, maybe heat it slowly in the oven?

  7. Delores Hess

    This souinds delicious! I love gravy, I have cut down because of diets. I do agree that the
    gravy isn’t that bad to eat! So here I go! Thanks!

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